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 Discover Space UK 



Discover Space UK is a commercial launch service operator based in Argyll and Bute, created to support small-scale rocket launches and spaceflight operations from Machrihanish Airbase and launch sites across the UK.


  • Secured £500k in UKSA funding to develop plans for MACC.

  • Delivered a Green Book Outline Business Case for £90million.

  • Established a realistic path to market based on organic growth and meeting the core objectives of the client:

  • Create high quality jobs for the local community.

  • Grow the regional economy.

  • Provide a return investment to local shareholders.

  • Invested in a Joint Venture to realise the potential of the site.



  • Horizon scanning of future transportation services.

  • Supporting innovative programmes to develop supply chains.

  • Business development with potential site anchor tenants.

  • Working with partners to design green hydrogen facilities.

  • Raising finance for a national green liquid hydrogen facility.

  • Developing specialist research and development capabilities.

  • Licensing the site for future R&D and operational activities.

  • Raised collaborative industrial research funding with Reaction.


  • Established the leading UK rocketry and cansat competition.

  • Live demonstrator of the potential of the site.

  • Became de-facto launch operator for training and education.

  • Building accredited training for next generation STEM.

  • Developing specialist training through next-gen simulation.

  • Providing hands-on training to build a payload and launch it as part of a 3-day course.

  • Building a unique vertical test engine test-stand to support the next generation of propulsion technologies and engineers.

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