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 UK Space Agency Accelerator 



Exotopic is one of the lead partners in delivering the UK Space Agency Accelerator. The bespoke accelerator programmes; Explore, Leo and Geo are designed to help unearth opportunities for businesses at various levels of their space journey. From established space businesses to start-ups and anyone working in a related industry such as engineering, manufacturing or even farming and other areas, who might not have yet fully explored the opportunities, the accelerator programme will help boost business growth.



Thanks to our comprehensive in-house expertise, partnerships and extensive networks across multiple domains, we provide sector-specific guidance, insights and connections to participants of the UK Space Agency Accelerator Programme, leveraging our deep understanding of technology, connecting with partners and applying it to commercial applications to enable entrepreneurs to set up and run effective and successful businesses.


We organise and host Accerler8, the UK Space Agency Accelerator finance event for our entrepreneurs attending the LEO and GEO cohorts.    
During the event, start-ups got the chance to deliver pitches to a unique funding panel, and get feedback from experts in the field. 


Our Orbit series – online quick-fire summaries and deep dive workshops for anyone looking to develop an understanding of a range of space topics!

Our Orbit series brings you advice from industry experts, covering everything from business leadership and mindset to customer acquisition, to boost your business in the space industry. 

We cover topics such as:

📈 Raising Finance in the Space Sector: Regulatory and Legal Considerations - Alden Legal

♻️ How to Successfully Comply with Clean Space Directives - Frazer-Nash Consultancy

🔍 Finding a Need: Practical Startup Methodologies and Problem Validation - Entrepreneurial Spark

💷 Financing a Startup: How Can You Avoid Running Out of Cash - Satellite Finance Network

🇬🇧 UK Space Strategy and Policy: Make it Work for You - Exotopic

📣 10 Ways to Successfully Pitch Your Space Venture - Deloitte


We bring together, at events across the UK, entrepreneurs and experts from the UK space industry community, offering keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and a pitching competitions. We are building the fastest UK space entrepreneurial community.


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