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The UK Space Agency Space Accelerator Impact Report has landed!

We're proud to share the UK Space Agency Space Accelerator Impact Report.

Exotopic Ltd supported entrepreneurs in the space industry through the Business Acceleration Programme launched by Entrepreneurial Sparkand the UK Space Agency.

We provided a series of Business Horizons Talks covering diverse topics from building innovative business models to space sustainability and international collaboration, now available on our YouTube channel:

Space Accelerator impact report. Image Credit: Entrepreneurial Spark

The aim of these events was to increase the knowledge of the space sector, develop understanding of what it takes to grow a business in the sector and also deliver networking opportunities for space-focussed individuals and businesses.

The programme changed the future for space startups across the country - supporting 88 entrepreneurs and creating over 80 new jobs in the sector - a huge congratulations to all involved!

Read the full report here: with further information here:

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