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Exotopic at Farnborough International Airshow

We had a brilliant time at our first big event as Exotopic Ltd. A huge thanks goes to UKspace for hosting us at the UK Space Pavillion at Farnborough International Airshow - allowing us to engage with companies and individuals from across the globe!

Our CEO, Andy Grey, gave an inspiring talk titled 'Why Not Create Your Own Place in the Space Industry?' as part of the Farnborough International Pioneers of the Future day. He had a tough gig following George Nield’s talk about his trip to Space with Blue Origin (and being scheduled at the same time as a fly-over by the Red Arrows!) - but everyone who came along to his talk about entrepreneurship in the space industry left educated and inspired. We are excited to see a generation of new entrepreneurs drive the industry forward with their innovative ideas. 💫

Big thanks to our friends and colleagues Paul Bate, Dr Heidi Thiemann, Rafel Jorda Siquier, Daniel Smith, Valentin Canales and Ben Jarvis for contributing their top tips for starting your own business which featured as part of this presentation.

We’re looking forward to our next big conference at IAC in Paris this September 💫

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