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Carbon Reduction Plan

Our Commitment to achieving Net Zero


1. Baseline Emissions Footprint 

Baseline Year: 2021

We, as Exotopic, are a green company focusing on and aiming towards minimum Carbon consumption. We are committed to cycling/using public transport to/from work, do not use A/C in the office or at home, use central heating which operates with 100% green electricity, and we have zero paper consumption as documentation for the business.   

Baseline year emissions:

Reporting Year: 2021

Scope 1 Direct Emissions

Total (tCO2e) = 0

Scope 2 Indirect Emissions

Total (tCO2e) = 1.9

Scope 3 Supply Chain emissions 

Total (tCO2e) = 14.3

Total Emissions (tCO2e) = 16.2




3. Emissions Reduction Targets

In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero, we have adopted the following carbon reduction targets. 


We project that carbon emissions will decrease over the next five years to 10 tCO2e by 2030. This is a reduction of 35%. As can be seen in the above figures and text, we are dedicated to reduce our Carbon consumption by working with green energy consuming solution partners and we focus on environmental friendly goods & services for all kinds of needs that may occur. Our aim is to reach 0 (zero) Carbon in the next coming years, and our progress can be seen in Section 2, Current Emissions Reporting.


4. Carbon Reduction Projects 

Completed Carbon Reduction Initiatives 

The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed/implemented since the 2021 baseline. The carbon emission reduction achieved by these schemes equate to 0.8 tCO2e, a 5%ge reduction against the 2021 baseline and the measures will be in effect when performing contracts.


We have changed our suppliers and solution partners focusing on environmentally friendly options, have registered to the cycle to work scheme for our employees, have reduced the use of printed documents to almost zero, choose to use LED lighting and encourage online meetings with colleagues and other third parties etc. 

In the future we hope to implement further measures such as observing and following the market and new technologies to implement on our business to further reduce Carbon consumption.  

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2. Current Emissions Reporting

Reporting Year: 2022

Scope 1 Direct Emissions

Total (tCO2e) = 0

Scope 2 Indirect Emissions

Total (tCO2e) = 1.9

Scope 3 Supply Chain emissions 

Total (tCO2e) = 13.5

Total Emissions (tCO2e) = 15.4

Exotopic is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Below outlines our baseline emissions footprint and current emissions reporting, calculated using Business Carbon Calculator methodology [1], alongside emission reduction targets.

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