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  • Developed a hydrogen strategy for provision of future transport enabling infrastructure.

  • Established partner network to enable delivery against the plan.

  • Identified suitable sites for hydrogen infrastructure and secured site access agreements.

  • Built hydrogen technology capability, leveraging skills from the space sector.

  • Secured contract working the future hydrogen transport supply chain.

  • Gained access to grant funding to develop infrastructure.

Future Transport

Hydrogen Cryogenic Systems

  • Supply chain review for the FlyZero programme, leveraging space sector knowledge of cryogenic systems, and particularly liquid hydrogen systems.

  • Stakeholder engagement to gather LH2 system requirements.

  • Performed technology roadmapping to understand required developments and timelines.

  • Led supplier consultation to test market in terms of readiness level, development time and cost.

  • Undertook industrial collaboration with Reaction to understand future needs and create outline design for facility.

Machrihanish Airbase

Green Hydrogen Generation

  • Worked with Machrihanish airbase to utilise grant funding to deliver a design for a hydrogen generation plan connected to wind and solar renewables.

  • Developed concept design for on-site liquification of hydrogen to support future transport markets, including spaceflight.

  • Performed market analysis for use cases of liquid hydrogen for aviation, spaceflight, semiconductor electronics and other niche applications.

  • Developed a business case for a modular system, growing as future demand is realised.

  • Secured support for investment in a future green LH2 facility.

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