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Range Control Service Provider

In-Orbit Servicing

Business Case

  • Developed the Business Case for creation of a Range Control Service Provider in the UK, evaluating:

    • Market maturity, size and evolution.

    • Commercial models and potential revenues.

    • System architectures and estimated Capex and Opex.

    • Business model for establishing a commercial service in the UK.

  • Established a realistic path to market based on steady growth.

  • Invested £60k in pre-seed funding.

  • Raised £500k in seed funding through grants.


Joint Venture

Range Control Service Provider

  • Created a Joint Venture with a ground system manufacturer.

  • Established a manufacturing facility at Machrihanish airbase.

  • Built a control centre and developed a launch simulation programme to support V&V and training.

  • Procured radiosonde system for upper atmospheric meteorological measurements.

  • Diversified capability to utilise radiosonde balloons for marketing campaign service.

  • Performed regulatory analysis and initiated licence application.

In-Orbit Servicing

  • Diversified the portfolio by extending services to support in-orbit servicing through high accuracy proximate spacecraft tracking.

  • Won contracts with European Space Agency and Defence and Security Accelerator.

  • Established a collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory supported by a grant.

  • Managing programme of work to upgrade ground systems to meet requirements for proximate spacecraft operations.

  • Developed new organisational capability to deliver space object tracking operations.

Dishes at MACC site.png

AltaRange dishes at Machrihanish Airbase (MACC) site 

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